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Where do we want to go today? To the Brussels Tea Party! Don't forget to take the @-,-'— with you!

It is time for our governments to act. Public institutions should not force citizens into software dependencies and pay the Bill.

We are concerned that a foreign software monopolist

  • hires former senior politicians
  • puts pressure on sovereign governments and interferes into domestic policy making
  • deceives domestic policy makers by setting up astroturf campaigns and corrupting professional terms as 'open standards'
  • ignores and insults our competent competition authorities
  • promotes anti-competitive softpatent laws
  • taxes users of its broken monopoly software
  • endangers our national security

We demand that our Governments

  • only use Free and Open Source Software1
  • strengthen antitrust measures and institutions
  • improve interoperability enforcement and open standards adherence
  • promote the use and development of Linux and free software2
  • finance the development of key FLOSS projects as to
    • enable IT-Independence and choice
    • secure free and competitive markets
    • build up a credible threat of force to ensure antitrust compliance
    • improve monopoly software procurement conditions
  • ban monopolist puppets from entering public ICT Committees and standard bodies
  • monitor the activities of foreign sock puppets by the national services
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